Larry The Duck Adventures:
The Pirate & The Peanut Butter Problem
All the peanut butter in my home town has disappeared! This is my newest book and the first in a series of adventure chapter books. I also did the illustrations. With Levi and Thurston's help, I have to find the peanut butter and get it safely back to Possum Bay. We encounter a pesky pirate along the way. 
• 5.5 X 8.5, 45 pages
• Full Color Cover
• B&W pages
• 8 Chapters
• Written & Illustrated by a DUCK!
• Great Fun for All Ages

Price $10.95

I'm Not A Duck By Larry T. Duck

I'm Not A Duck by Larry The Duck

This is my first book! I also did the illustrations! Tim did help with the spelling though. My book has a great story with a nice moral about being yourself. If you like me, you’ll LOVE my book!
•  8 x 8, 32pages
•  Full Color Cover
• Full Color Pages
• Written by a DUCK!
• Illustrated by a DUCK!
• Great Fun for All Ages

Price $12.95

Learn Magic by Tim Sonefelt

Learn Magic by Tim Sonefelt

After nearly five years with the Top Secret Magic & Activity Book, Tim has finally published a brand new magic book that now available! It’s a very nice book and nearly four times as large as the previous one.  This new book features:

•  8.5 X 11, 45 pages, photo illustrated
•  Over 30 Magic Tricks
• Hand Shadows
• Juggling
• Optical Illusions
• Funny Gags
• Helpful Hints
• Great Fun for All Ages

Price $12.95

Top Secret

Top Secret Magic & Activity
Book by Tim Sonefelt

This was Tim's first book to teach magic tricks to the masses. The book has numerous tricks, puzzles, mazes, activites, a coloring page and a picture of Tim to keep those pesky mosquitos away! The tricks are easy to do using household items. The puzzles are fun and the tricks are amazing. There is very little overlap of information between this and Tim's latest magic book above.

•  8.5 X 5.5, 20 pages
•  Full Color Cover
• Fun Puzzles and Activities
• Optical Illusions
• Great Fun for Everyone

Price $6.95


Larry Jr. Hand Puppet

Over the years I've become such a popular part of Mr. Tim's reading programs, we've had some hand puppets made in my likeness! We sent pictures of me to the puppet maker and they made these little guys to look just like me! That's why we call 'em "Larry Jr."!

• Great for Larry Fans of All Ages
• Perfect for Librarians & Teachers
• Custom Made in Larry's Likeness
• Not Available in Stores

Price $16.95